Air Bags

The following information is a mirror of the official NHTSA site and is provide to provide additional access to this important information. You may access the official NHTSA site regarding air bags here.

Air Bag On-Off Switches and Deactivation (49 CFR Part 595)

Final Rule Permitting On-Off Switches

On-Off Switch Information Brochure
This brochure discusses air bag benefits and risks, explains who is at risk and why, and explains how persons at risk can get on-off switches. Vehicle owners must read the brochure before filling out an authorization form.

On-Off Switch Request Form

Procedures For Getting An On-Off Switch

Procedures For Getting Deactivation

National Conference on Medical Indications for Air Bag Disconnection
Recommendations of an independent expert panel of physicians on which specific medical conditions warrant air bag disconnection or on-off switches. The independent panel consisted of 17 physicians, each nominated by a professional society or organization.
Download the original report in MS Word 6 format: Air Bag Conference Final Report

Questions and Answers
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Electronic Press Packet

Press Release


Fact Sheets

Copy of Rule

Summary of Rule

Final Economic Assessment
This document analyzes the potential impact of allowing motor vehicle dealers and repair businesses to install air bag on-off switches in vehicles. This option is being considered in response to concerns that current air bags may injure or kill some occupants in low speed crashes.

Most shorter drivers can eliminate risk without deactivation
An information page graciously provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Proposed Rule
January 6, 1997, 62 FR 831, Docket No. 74-14; Notice 107

Air Bag Notices and Rules
Recent Federal Register notices relating to air bags.

Information about Air Bags
NHTSA publications, brochures, questions and answers, and data on air bags including information about how to use them and how not to use them.

Child Passenger Safety
A collection of information, including information about air bags, pertaining to children as passengers.

Air Bag Videos
A selection of comparative crash test videos showing the difference an air bag can make.

Some Other Pertinent Documents On Our Site.

Air Bag Aggressivity Study
This test data compares the "aggressiveness," or amount of depowering, of various vehicle air bags.

The Third Report to Congress on the Effectiveness of Occupant Protection Systems and Their Use
This document contains NHTSA's evaluation of the effectiveness of air bags.

Air Bag Related Fatalities and Serious Injuries
NHTSA's Special Crash Investigation Study shows the circumstances under which people have been killed by air bags.

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