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Posted by The Tire God on September 23, 1999 at 11:25:10:

In Reply to: whitewall in>somewhat correct posted by Mr. Parsegian on September 23, 1999 at 11:01:37:


I have read several posts of your antagonizing drivel and must set you straight.

Understanding the type of deformation of tire components is critically
important in order to develop optimal compound properties of tire
components for desired tire performance characteristics. In technical
discussions the concept of a "Deformation Index" was introduced to
describe the type of deformations of tire components. The "Deformation
Index" can reveal whether a given tire component is primarily
experiencing strain control, stress control, or energy control under
service conditions. The "Deformation Index" of tread material was
experimentally determined for various tires. The optimal
dynamic viscoelastic property of the tread compound was then defined
using the index. Others have also reported that the optimal
viscoelastic property of tread compounds for rolling loss and heat
build-up of a tire is quite different depending on the type of tire and
its applications. There are experimentally determined types of
deformations for different tire types and performance conditions which
define optimal dynamic properties accordingly and it has been concluded
in addition with oother more relevant results that it is not detrimental
to turn non-directional tires inward.

This is the answer. period.

ps: I might also add that, it is experimentally feasible to determine the "Deformation Index" for a major tire component like a tread. However, it is very difficult or
almost impossible to experimentally determine the "Deformation Index" of
other components, like apex, ply coats, inner liner, etc., because they
are in smaller volume fractions and their contributions to tire
performance are obviously less.

In conclusion, because you repeatedly refuse to specify the tire, manufacturer and automobile characteristics an accurate index can never be determined and
renders your questions nebulous at best.

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