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Posted by dan on April 24, 1999 at 18:23:43:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Potenza RE71 vs. P6000 posted by Bill on April 23, 1999 at 19:25:25:

Hmmm ... the only difference that I'd imagine between an H- and Z-speed rated P6000 is
the Z-rated tire will ride a little stiffer due to the stiffer plies for the higher speed
rating. Other than that, I'm gonna assume that the actual compound of the tire is the same
as the H-rated tire. In terms of rain performance however, I doubt that the AVS-I's are any
worse than the RE-71's. They're both older technology tires which is why they can be had
for so cheap. The RE's, AVS's, and prolly the Pilot's will offer more dry traction than the
P6000's, but the P6000's are definitely a good combination of everything, especially rain
traction IMHO. The RE-71's will definitely wear out the fasted (treadware is only 140) ...
I doubt you'll see more than 15k miles out of them. Oh, while I'm looking at it, the P6000's
have really good braking abilities too ... Tire Rack rated their braking *almost* as good
as the P-Zero Assimetrico's, not too shabby.
And I agree with your comment about tires in general. In my opinion, it doesn't matter
if you have the best suspension system in the world, the best ABS system in the world, etc.
etc., because what really matters most is your tires since they ultimately provide the
frictional forces to stop you. After owning 3-season tires for the past 4 years in Jersey,
I'm never going back to all-seasons again. Hell, in our '94 Altima, the first time I braked
hard I locked the front tires ... very easily too, I guess I'm a bit spoiled these days.
Tires, in my opinion, will ALWAYS be the most important safety feature of a car.
I hope this message makes sense, I just got back from my 8-hour Fundamentals of
Engineering exam, and I'm really hungry, so my mind keeps drifting. If something doesn't
make sense, just let me know and I'll clear it up when I'm thinking straight again ;-)

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