What is the BEST tire?

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Posted by Roger on October 09, 1999 at 00:11:54:

I see a lot of posts here asking essentially that question.
I am wondering if the people asking the question are
really thinking about what they are asking.
One might as well ask what is the BEST shoe or the BEST
cardboard box for with out a lot more information it is
impossible to give an inteligent informed answer.

There is no BEST tire period. Even for a specific application
there are still too many variables. That's why every day
hundreds of tire engineers are constantly working to
design tires for new cars that match the latest technology
with the specific suspension to try and find the compromise
between 30 to 40 different performance characteristics with
many being completely subjective.

I would sugest that before anyone ask the question they first
identify the tire they currently are using and list those
performance features that they like and the performance
features they do not like with priority for each list.

With this information it might be possible to provide a
list of 3 to 5 tires from the major manufacturers that
will probably meet the goals for that individual. BUT
it should be remembered that what one person likes is not
necessarily what the next person likes.

I may like a bit more dry handeling than the next guy and
am willing to reade off thir wear and cost to get it. I may
also be willing to tolerate a bit more tread pattern noise
but am not willing to give up too much snow traction (and
we don't need to start down the road of What is Snow? ).

This is just a start of the list and a sample of the thought
that should be given to a product that your life depends
upon even though many people are willing to spend more on
a pair of shoes than on a pair of tires.

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