David and Dunlops

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Posted by robmoz on September 21, 1997 at 15:23:41:

David, you clearly are biased toward Dunlops. Over sixteen posts in one month recommending almost exclusively Dunlops, regardless what vehicle the poster is asking about (grand prix, minivan, F-150, snow tire for AWD vehicle, prelude, jeep cherokee, volvo). You always give the Dunlop web site also. You've even taken the trouble to respond to posts from two months back to recommend Dunlops.

Your comments lead me to belive you work in the automotive industry. I find it difficult to believe you've never found a tire worth recommending here that was better than a Dunlop, given your claimed extensive experience. Your posts are NOT helpful, as you claim you are trying to be. You just tell them what Dunlop tire will fit their vehicle and driving need. They can call tire rack and get that info. You say you want to make recommendations based on "facts and actual recent testing." Well, go ahead. Maybe you could even say that Dunlop D60 A2s were the highest rated performance tire by Consumer Reports two years ago. It appears you have much better resources than Consumer Reports, and I'm sure most of the posters would gladly listen to any supporting evidence you have. I've never seen any "actual recent testing" and the facts you give are what Dunlop will fit. I have nothing against Dunlop and agree that they make fine tires, along with Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, BFGoodrich, etc...
Now if you want to present test data that shows specific Dunlop tires being superior to comparable models from these brands, please do. I'd be thrilled, as would the rest of the posters to be let in on your test experiences with Saab.

You make my point when you say:

"If someone has owned only Ford products their entire life what have they done wrong? I'll bet they would recomend a particular model for a specific need if you asked and it would be a Ford! If someone has a favorite sports team and no matter their standings, 14&0 or 0&14 they will defend them and go to their games no matter what!"

I bet they would too. You should think about what you've implied here.

You could show me up simply by giving your credentials and proving that you have nothing to do with Dunlop. You are clearly not just a fellow car owner giving your experiences with tires you've purchased. You simply could not have tested as many tires as you have claimed on your own vehicles since you seem to buy exclusively Dunlops.

In addition, you have better than average technical understanding of tires, which again makes me think that you are in the automotive industry. So what's the story? One last thought, if you can criticize others worthiness to post here why can't I question your's? For example:

"Put The D40M2, SP4000, SP8000 or The new SP9000 up against any BFG product and it will kick it's ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your going to give out advice / recomendations to it on something your knowledgeable on, what ever that may be, but it's definately not tires! Let someone who knows what the're talking about give the advice."

Is this what you consider "facts and actual recent testing?" Not only is this totally unhelpful, but it is rude and hypocritcal too. Now don't be such a cry-baby; no one is stopping you from posting here. Just don't expect your Dunlop-centric world to go unchallenged. This board is intended to be used by car-owners sharing their experiences, not for advertisements.

Please check your netequitte on the use of all caps and exclamation points. Your content should speak for itself; you don't have to yell.

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