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Stomski Racing - Annapolis, MD
Windrush Porsche Racing Transmissions - San Carlos, CA
The Racer's Group - Sonoma, CA
S-CAR-GO Racing - San Rafael, CA
Porsche 924 Racing Videos
Porsche Racing with Autofarm - UK
Porsche Racing Services - South Africa
Weissach High Performance Porsche - Vancouver, BC Canada
B&B Porsche Performance Exhaust
Borla Perfornace Exhaust for Porsche
Centerforce - The Performance Clutch for Porsche
Electromotive - Direct Ignition for Porsche
MoTec - Advanced Engine Management Systems for Porsche
Windward Performance Products - Putney, VT

VPRacing Pictures
Porsche at the 24 Hours of LeMans Race

The Physics of Racing, by Brian Beckman - Everything you ever wanted to know about going fast in your car described in terms of the actual forces that affect the vehicle, tires, suspension, brakes and ultimately you. Complex, but complete.