Traffic Conditions

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  • State Transportation Web Sites - From US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.
  • National Traffic and Road Closure Information - From US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

  • AccuTraffic - "Weather Forecasts & Traffic Conditions for the Nation."
  • California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information - Listing of traffic incidents throughout California.
  • Caltrans Realtime Freeway Speed Map - California DOT.
  • Chicagoland Expressway Congestion Map - Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor Home Page.
  • Houston, TX Real Time Traffic Map
  • Los Angeles City Traffic Conditions - Los Angeles City DOT.
  • Puget Sound Traffic Conditions - Washington State DOT.
  • - Roadwork And Road Conditions
  • San Diego Area Traffic Report - From California DOT.
  • - California Live Real-Time Traffic Reports
  • SmarTraveler - provides real time traffic information in 83 U.S. cities.
  • - National Traffic Forecast System.


  • Caltrans Live Traffic Cameras - over four hundred cameras monitoring freeway sections across California.
  • Traffic Information Center, Honolulu, Hawaii - Seven cameras plus and extra Waikiki traffic cam.
  • Toronto, Canada area Traffic Cameras - Featuring over 30 individual cameras positioned throughout Toronto.


  • Speed Trap Exchange - State Listings - a site where visitors can post what they believe are speedtraps
  • - Speed traps in the UK, including Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland