How to Protect Yourself if You Have a Lemon!

"Helpful Tips to Get Back on the Road" by Kahn & Associates

What is a Lemon in the first place? Well, determining that can be tricky. Your State's Lemon Law defines when a manufacturer has breached its written warranty and what the victim is entitled to for such a breach of warranty. In addition, there are various other warranty laws (or Lemon Laws) within each state and on the Federal level which can be used to recover money for consumers who do not meet the strict definitions contained in their state's Lemon Law.

Here are some important things to remember to avoid a problem car and protect yourself should a serious problem arise:

If the unfortunate situation should arise that you are stuck driving a Lemon, don't go it alone. An experienced lemon law attorney can accurately assess your case and give you the satisfaction you deserve.

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