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Autopedia: NHTSA Recall and TSB List
Autopedia: Safety Program Testing from NHTSA and IIHS

Better Headlights - Greater Safety - HID xenon headlights have no filaments in the bulbs to break so they last up to 10x longer, they are up to 3x brighter, use 35% less power, and produce more defined lighting than halogen headlights.
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - a not-for-profit, publicly-supported charitable educational and research organization.
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety - alliance of consumer, health and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer.
Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) - a non-profit organization of federal, state, and provincial government agencies and representatives from private industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico dedicated to improving commercial vehicle safety.
GoLocalnet - The Online Study Guide for Student Drivers and Driving Rules on the Net
Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) - an international individual member educational and scientific association.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - an independent, nonprofit, scientific & educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses (deaths, injuries & property damage) from crashes on the nation’s highways. The Institute is wholly supported by auto insurers.
International Journal Of Crashworthiness - A journal devoted to all aspects of the crash behaviour of structures and materials and impact biomechanics
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - The ultimate safe driving site: MADD's mission is to stop drunk driving, period.
Mr. Traffic - TV & RADIO talk show host & traffic safety expert who talks about ALL the issues related to driving in America.
National Commission Against Drunk Driving - The mission of the National Commission Against Drunk Driving is to continue the efforts of the Presidential Commission On Drunk Driving to reduce impaired driving and its tragic consequences by uniting a broad based coalition of public and private sector organizations and other concerned individuals who share this common purpose.
National Safety Council - The mission statement of the NSC is "to educate and influence society to adopt safety, health and environmental polices, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic losses arising from preventable causes."
National Transportation Safety Board - The NTSB is an independent US federal agency which makes recommendations on safety features.
Operation Lifesaver - A nationwide, non-profit public information program dedicated to eliminating collisions, injuries and fatalities at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights-of-way.
Truck Safety Coalition - Public education on fatigued driving.
Reasonable Drivers Unanimous - The page for more reasonable traffic laws. Laws that will actually promote safety and smoother traffic flow. Laws that are set by traffic engineers and not bureaucrats.
Safety Problems & Issues - This page lists search engines which retrieve information from the available Database Files from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each search engine has a brief description of what it does.
Safety Transportation Services Inc. - a Fleet Safety Management company serving Motor Carriers
Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
Truck Safety Page, The
University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center - The Center is dedicated to improving transportation safety, with a major emphasis on highway safety.


Safety Superstore - Online catalogue of baby safety products
GMH Engineering - Products For Automotive Safety & Performance Testing
Guardian Alert - Backing up alert device. - Racing Safety Equipment