Automotive Peeling Paint Problems

. Please report any dead or new links immediately. - dirty and peeling paint repairs for cars (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Jeep) - Consumer complaints about Peeling Paint on Honda Accord - If you have a problem with the paint on your Honda be sure to file a complaint.
1991 Plymouth Voyager
Car Trackers Forum Page - The Lemon(s)
Chrysler Peeling Paint Website
The Chrysler Product's Problem Web Page
Ford Probe/Mazda MX6

If you feel your vehicle has a defect, go to AutoPedia's Lemon Law Page, Scroll down the page until your State Lemon Law listing.
Click on that listing, there you'll find the Lemon Law Information for your State and a "Directory of Lemon Law Attorneys".

Any one of the firms listed will give you a "free consultation" and let you know what your options are.