Accident Investigators

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Accident Investigation

Aircraft Accident Investigators
Harris Technical Services - Traffic Accident Reconstruction.
MacInnis Engineering Associates, Ltd. - Provides technical investigation and accident reconstruction services to the insurance, legal, police and coroner communties with clients in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
CARS - Vehicle and Equipment Information - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
CARS - Crash Test - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
CVC- HYGE: Aircraft Crash Simulation Systems
Data Translation - High performance data acquisition products.
Diversified Technical Systems, Inc. - Data Acquisition Solutions for Dynamic Testing.
DRS Technologies - High speed digital imaging system.
EME Corporation - Advanced real time data acquisition systems.
Endevco Corporation - Solutions for shock, vibration and pressure analysis needs.
Engineering Dynamics Corporation - Simulation software for vehicle design and safety research.
Engineering Systems International - Makers of PAM-CRASH, PAM-SAFE, PAM-SHOCK.
First Technology - Crash test dummy and safety testing equipment.
GHI Systems - Economical high tech products to improve environment measurement and simulation technologies including PC based shock data capture system.
HEM Data Corporation - State-of-the-art data acquisition and analysis software for MS Windows 3.1 and 95.
MTS Systems Corporation - Supplier of mechanical testing and simulation equipment.
NAC Visual Systems, Inc. - High speed image capture products.
Nevada Automotive Test Center - Performs commercial and military testing on wheeled and tracked vehicles and has logged more than 40 million test miles on over 1,000 different vehicles and vehicle systems.
Robert A. Denton, Inc. - Design and manufacture of safety testing instrumentation components.
Sensors Applications, Inc. - Develops and manufactures complete image management system solutions for analog and digital image capture.
SpaceAge Control, Inc. - Miniature and subminiature position transducers.
The Motor Industry Research Association
TNO Road-Vehicles Research Institute
Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Transportation Research Center, Inc. - Provides comprehensive research, development and testing services, and facilities to manufacturers, industry organizations and governments agencies worldwide.
University of Florida Transportation Research Center
Vision Research, Inc.
Visual Expert : Perception - Expert witness in perception and memory.
Visual Instrumentation Corporation
VXI - Modular test, measurement, and data acquisition instruments.
Weinberger AG - High speed imaging technology.