"More Than Meets The Eye"

This is the 3rd installment in a series by Jim Wetzel of Hudson Valley Auto Appraisers.

Below is a photograph under the Jeep. The inside of the right front tire is visible on the left side of the picture.On this particular model, I have found that the flange on the front drive housing (where the lower control arm bolts to) is relatively weak and has a tendency to bend. As you can see , the flange is obviously distorted.

Jeep Suspension

This type of damage requires the front drive housing be replaced. The part alone is $1500.00. This damage could be easily overlooked. If it was overlooked, the integrity of this vehicle would be compromised. An appraiser is trained to look for this type of hidden damage. Make sure your vehicle is inspected by a licensed appraiser. It could save you a lot more than grief!

Jim Wetzel
Hudson Valley Auto Appraisers of Newburgh, NY

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