How to Find Your Next Second Hand Car

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Although most of us would love to be able to go to a car show room and pay cash for a great, brand new car, the reality is that the prices of new cars are often too high for our wishes to become reality. This means that the vast majority of us purchase our cars second hand.

Whether you're new to the world of second hand car buying, this is your first car, or you simply want a refresher on how to go about picking up that perfect second hand car, we're here to help. We've created this comprehensive guide that explains how to get your dream vehicle. So without further ado, here's how to find your next second hand car.

Honing in on a Suitable Choice
The first thing you need to do is actually decide on the actual type of car you'd like. Probably the best way to go about choosing the perfect second hand car isn't to have a specific choice in mind, but to instead know what criteria you want the car to fulfill (for example, having a particular fuel efficiency or safety rating), and that way, you won't be disappointed if the specific car you're after isn't available.

The Advantage of Using Comparison Sites
If you're looking for a second hand car in the 21st century, that means using a site like ExchangeAndMart. The advantage to doing this this way is that you can sort through the endless list of cars for sale to find the ones that meet the criteria you selected above. With a variety of sliders that you can manipulate, you'll only see the cars that meet your specific requirements; not the ones that are way over budget, tempting you to spend more than you have.

The Final Test
Finally, once you've selected a car that meets your requirements, you should go and test it out. Generally speaking, most people looking to sell their cars on second hand sites will be legitimate, and there cars will be what they say they are. However, it's best to take your list of criteria and a list of test checks to fully ensure that the car is exactly how it was advertised.

Hopefully you've found our guide to buying a second hand car useful, so now feel free to start browsing, and narrowing down your choices.