Why the Audi A1 Is the Perfect City Hatchback

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Whether you're simply looking to trade in your old car for something a little bit more stylish and upmarket, or you're wishing to keep the hatchback form, but find a car that's going to be better suited to your family's lifestyle, the Audi A1 might be the car that fits the bill.

There are a variety of features that really help to set the A1 apart from other vehicles in its class, so in this article, we've collated some of our favorites to ensure that we give you the best reasons to go out and spend your hard-earned cash on an Audi A1. So without further ado, here's our guide to why the Audi A1 is the perfect city hatchback.

Price Point
At just a little bit over the price of a Volkswagen Polo, and with more features and elegance than a Ford Fiesta, the Audi A1 is perfectly priced to dominate the high-end hatchback arena going forward. As you'll see from the following points, it's perfectly designed for running about the city, so if you're looking for something sleek and with high performance, then the Audi A1 is worth your time, particularly considering its reasonable price on sites like OrangeWheels.

The Perfect City Mover
When you're looking for a vehicle that performs well, but that also works well as a city car, you generally have a hard time finding one car that strikes the right balance. With this in mind, however, we think that A1 does just that. With a body that barely extends past the wheels, and the potential for a 2.0-liter engine, with the Audi A1 you have a car that's not only fun to drive around, but one that's perfect for fitting into that tight parking space.

Size Is Everything
And on the point of fitting into tight spaces, the A1 is certainly small and compact, but it's also a great family car, with plenty of space in the front, and two seats in the back that offer plenty of leg room for those long journeys. What's incredible about the A1 is that it offers all this, and does so without compromising on space.

Ultimately, when you're putting together your wish list for your next car purchase, we hope that we've at least given you some reason to put the Audi A1 on there front and center. Now you know why the A1 is the perfect city car.