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ALMEX Ltd - ALMEX Ltd (ALarM EXport) is company based in Mississauga-Ontario-Canada. Our business is security alarm equipment export. Our target is international sales.
Alpine - Alpine's security systems protect your car and audio system from theft and vandalism. Designed for ease of use, reliability, safety, and convenience, they bring Alpine's uncompromising performance and reliability standards to mobile security.
American Security Systems
Astro General Corporation Ltd - Offers selected importers the exclusivity and high profit potential of own branded vehicle security systems without the large investment in development and manufacture.
Avital Auto Security - Avital Technologies, Inc. delivers the ultimate auto security value and performance by integrating high-technology, state-of-the-art microprocessor circuitry and high-volume productivity to produce exceptional remote controlled vehicle security systems.
Bandit Vehicle Security Systems (PTY) LTD - Manufacturers and Suppliers of ADVANCED vehicle security products - in house R&D to develop new systems to keep ahead of would be car thieves.
Brant Car Alarms - Brant Car Alarms are sold throughout Australia and the world and are designed here in Australia. Our business is purely car security, we don't deal in mobile phones, car audio, etc., we are specialists in effectively protecting motor vehicles.
Bulldog Security - Bulldog products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. with robots and very little hand assembly work. This means very few mistakes. Bulldog uses a patented dual stage shock sensor that is not sensitive to temperature or aging. This means NO FALSE ALARMS!
Clifford Electronics - remote control alarm systems with unique ACG (anti code grabbing) technology uses complex mathematical formulas to actually change the transmitted code every time you use the ACG remote.
Commando Car Alarms - Manufacture and distributor of car alarms, remote car starters, power door lock kits and keyless entry systems.
Crimestopper Security Products, Inc. - Car Alarms, Mobile Electronics, Remote Car Starters, Keyless Entry Systems, Collision Avoidance Sensor/Systems, Pagers,Vehicle Security, Accessories, Tools, Testers.
Delta Elettronica spa - French company, producers of Cobra car alarm systems.
Directed Electronics, Inc. - Canada - Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI) is the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle security systems, and an increasingly important producer of car audio equipment as well. Products include Viper, Wasp, Python, Hornet, Failsafe, Valet(auto start).
Directed Electronics, Inc. - US - Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI) is the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle security systems, and an increasingly important producer of car audio equipment as well. Products include Viper, Wasp, Python, Hornet, Failsafe, Valet(auto start).
Escort Radar and Laser Detector Store
G.F. Group
Harrison Electronic Systems
Magandyne Corporation
Magic Systems Ltd. - Russia
Pacific Insight Electronics - designs and manufactures over 100 different electronic and computer components for the automotive, heavy truck and marine markets. Technical drawings and instructions on site.
Pegasus Technologies, Inc. - Vehicle tracking and control systems.
Spyball Autotecnica - Italy
Taser International - Manufacturer of Air Taser and Auto Taser.
The Club
Tuffy Security Products - For Jeeps, Trucks, SUVs and 4x4s.
WOLO MANUFACTURING CORP. - sold for over 30 years at retail now YOU can buy direct and $AVE. All products carry a FULL 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and include alarms, steering wheel locks, and other automotive security products including a complete line of horns (electric & air).


A&B Sound - Vancouver, BC - Western Canada's largest installation facility. Custom Install, fabrication, and robotics. Link now for a free quote on your car. 10 Installers ready to facilitate you. Alpine, Clarion, Sony, Clifford, Panasonic, Metra and much more.
Andy's Auto Sport - We have a huge variety of security systems to ensure that you have every option available to you.
Autopreservers - OH - Secure your vehicle with our wide selection of Car Alarms, Remote Car Starters, Keyless Entry and more. Let Autopreserver help you replace that 'hard to find' DEI Replacement Remote Transmitter.
Auto Tech Security Systems - FL
Crimestopper Security Products - CA - "Backstopper" a rear bumper sensor that warns of objects when backing up.
Safeguard Security and Sound - CA

Window Etching - Do It Yourself VIN Etching Kits for Only $14.95.
Protect your car with VINshield™ - VIN# window etching.
V.I.C.E Script - Window Etching - VIN# window etching system.
VINGUARD Anti-Theft Marking Systems

Training - Car Audio Installation and Mobile Electronics Education.


Armormax: Safe Secure Armored Protection For Your Vehicle

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Electromax - Spy Stuff