Re: MR2: Finding and/or mixing tires.

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Posted by David on November 27, 1997 at 09:09:57:

In Reply to: MR2: Finding and/or mixing tires. posted by George on November 26, 1997 at 21:12:38:

You are correct in your concerns regarding tire mixing. Idealy you would want to have 4 of the same tires on a vehicle to optimize the performance characteristics of the tires. But given that is not alsways possible here are some basic guide lines. Always match the same tires on the same axil, ie - front or rear replaced in sets. If you change performance (speed) ratings install the higher rated tires on the the rear, other wise the front end of your vehicle will do what you ask it to(steering input) more quickly causing dangerous oversteer conditions since the back end of the vehicle can't "keep up" or react as quickly to deliver the needed traction. Install new tires on the rear, or keep the tires with more tread (depth) on the rear. Similar to the performance(speed)rating scenario, if you install new tires on the front you are providing better traction to the front, cornering in wet conditions you will again be faced with potential oversteer conditions, where the back end of the car looses traction before the front and could possible cause you to "spin out". If the front were to loose traction first, you would just encounter understeer or plow through your turn, personally I would rather encounter that rather that spining out uncontrolled.

Your choice of the Dunlop SP8000's would be a good one, you will expirience improvements over the BFG's in handling, especially in the corners as you mentioned you want, traction - wet & dry and potential mileage. There probably one of the best values for your performance $$$ on the market today.

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