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Posted by David on April 08, 1999 at 06:34:23:

In Reply to: Re: Re: To all using this BBS posted by carlos on April 07, 1999 at 18:04:24:

Carlos you are off the mark on this one. I thought your original posting, although in the nature of this BBS, implied considerable arogance but did not respond because most of your comments have been generic in nature and somewhat accurate.
This one however I can not let go.
There are far to many "VR" rated Michelin products to make such a recomendation. All season vs non, directional vs non, etc., etc...There are Touring "V"'s sport performance "V"'s Ultra peromance "V"'s etc., etc..
Although driving style, care and application impact results greatly, there are few applications that will see "an easy 60,000" miles out of this type of product. Even with Dan's description of his application you can't project that kind of mileage. (Well I guess you could since your not selling him the tires and have to stand behind them and your not paying for the tires based on false expectations)
One of the characteristics found in most Michelin products is lower road noise, although sometimes at the expense of other traits, again though with the number of "VR" rated Michelin tires how can you make such a comment without knowing which style Dan may choose?
Although your previous references to heat; relative to performance tires and speed ratings were correct, when relating them to a tires durability. Your references to speed ratings and everyday driving application relative to how fast someone says they drive and not needing a specific speed rated tire because they don't drive that fast are far from accurate.
In terms of origination speed ratings are used to calculate a tires ability to "stay together" at a given speed. Therefore "certified" or rated to be able to opperate at a specific speed. But what is far more relative to the vast majority of drivers is the overall performacne and handling abilities of a tire at any and all speeds. There is virtually no coralation to "I don't drive that fast" therefore don't need a tire capable of going that fast. Any recomendation based on that scenario "an H" rated tire should do for you since you don't drive over 130mph" is ignorantly wrong.
The higher a tire's speed rating the better it performs (handles, steers, brakes, provides traction, etc., etc..) at all speeds. Knowing an individuals driving style and cpabilities are paramount when recomending the correct or appropriate performace rated tire. As well as the rating of the OE tire and or current tire on the vehicle the individual is accustomed to driving on. I personaly would not want to depend on the ability of someone to handle an evasive or emergency hadling situation who just left the tire store having lower speed rated tire installed on their vehicle than that of what they drove in on.

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