Re: 98 Integra GSR- wanting tires and rims- what size??-help!!

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Posted by CK on March 10, 1999 at 01:53:12:

In Reply to: 98 Integra GSR- wanting tires and rims- what size??-help!! posted by Trent on March 03, 1999 at 16:17:47:

There are several things you need to consider for the fit to be right.
Tire width, Tire diameter, Rim width, Rim back spacing. and clearance on your car.
The wider the rim, the quicker the tire will respond to steering action. However a wide rim will be more likely to produce clearance problem. The outer edge of the tire will be pushed farther out.
The back spacing determines how far the center of the rim is spaced inward from the wheel mounting surface.
The rim width and back spacing determines how much room you have between the rim and suspension components on the inside.
A lower profile tire will be more responsive and look cooler, but will produce a harsher ride.

I have a 91 Integra which I just installed a set of 205/55-15 Dunlop W-10's mounted on 7" wide rims with 38mm back spacing. The overall tire width on the 7 rim is 9.00. It also gives me a tire diameter that is .67 larger than stock (fills the wheel well a little better), but with a shorter sidewall than stock.
This setup allows .38" of clearance between the inside of the rim and the rear suspension control arm.
It allows the rear tires to tuck up inside the rear fender with .20" of clearance between the tire side wall and the outer wheel well lip(unrolled).
this setup is very responsive to steering input but still maintains a reasonable ride, Aside from the stiff feel from the aftermarket sway bars.
The result would be about the same with a 16" rim, except a little harsher. I wanted to keep a reasonably tall side wall to allow for a larger tread contact patch on the road, and reduce potential for pot hole damage.
Note: most 7" rims that fit the Integra come with a 34mm back spacing or less which would allow .08" or less of clearance between the tire side wall and the lip. A tire that has a shoulder that is more square than the W-10 would probably rub.
Note the fit may be a little different on a 98 Integra than a 91.
If you installed the tires on 6.5 wide rims you would have less potential for clearance problems, however the steering will not be quite as responsive.

Info on tire diameters (nominal values, all manufactures vary from these values a little).
195 60 14 = 23.21 dia
205 50 14 = 22.07
205 55 14 = 22.88
205 60 14 = 23.69

195 55 15 = 23.44 dia
205 50 15 = 23.07
205 55 15 = 23.88
215 50 15 = 23.46

205 40 16 = 22.46 dia
205 45 16 = 23.26
205 50 16 = 24.07

Hope this helps, Good Luck in your search

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