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Posted by David on February 25, 1999 at 23:06:19:

In Reply to: Re: Re: PSI Question posted by Bob on February 25, 1999 at 16:33:19:

For starters if the balancing wieght was causing a leak ( not totaly uncommom ) combined with possible corrosion that can take place on alloys you should have the tires dismounted and completely check the circumference of the bead seat area on the rim for any irregularities. besides corrosion some clear coat finnishes on wheels will crack & chip that causes leakage also. Either way a good cleaning (wire brush or bead blaster) and a light spray coat of clear will help.
What climate do you live in. Cold weather causes slight "shrinkage" - enough to allow a slow leak.
What brand of tire, there was a problem with a particular brand / model a couple of years ago that the bead wasn't correct and didn't fit the wheel properly??
As far as psi - even though you have aftermarket wheels and what sounds like a plus fitment, you still start out with the same vehicle recomended inflation pressure and adjust from there in 2lb increments for the following reasons:
1 - Load capicity. the amount of air in the tire determines the load capacity of the tire, one of the same reasons a manufacturer recomends a certian pressure
2- Ride quality and desired handling effects. The higher the air pressure the better the handling and harsher the ride. visaversa lower air press. softer ride and softer handling capabilities.
In most cases of plus fitments, if done with the correct size tire load capicity can be maintained with not more that a 2-4 psi variation so it usualy comes down to ride & handling.
Hope that helps

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