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BMW-GS - a topical mailing list for discussion of all facets of ownership and riding of BMW GS series dual-purpose motorcycles
BMWOA - BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
DC-Cycles - dc-cycles is an unmoderated email discussion list about motorcycling in the Washington D.C. area.
Doc Ride - A low volume mail list by Dr. Wong about his FREE motorcycle riding clinics. San Francisco area motorcyclists.
Euro-moto - European motorcycles.
GPNDG - Greater Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather.
WOTI - Wings on the Internet is an international motorcycle touring association based entirely on the Internet.
Honda VF/VFR
IBMWR Mailing List
Indian Digest Web Site
Kawasaki Concours
Kawasaki Vulcan Riders Owners Club
Euro Spares: Information and Archived Digests for My E-Mail Lists
Short Bikers
SydRide - The SydRide list and SydRide-Chat list exist primarily to organise group rides in the Sydney or NSW region of Australia, and secondarily for anything else which seems pertinent to the area.
The List - A moderated distribution list made up in majority of bikers concerned with motorcyclists' rights, but also containing the names of other individuals who believe in individual freedoms.


Classic Scooter Discussion Group
Dirt Bike Riding Discussion Group
Harley-Davidson Discussion Group
Motorcycle Discussion Group
Motorcycle Discussion Group - Australia
Motorcycle Discussion Group - CA
Motorcycle Discussion Group - Canada
Motorcycle Discussion Group - NE US
Motorcycle Discussion Group - TX
Motorcycle Racing Discussion Group
Scooter Discussion Group
Sport Bike Discussion Group