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Easyriders Magazine
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Harley-Davidson Official Site
IronWorks Magazine
Mas Classics - Vintage American Motorcycle Parts is the original online source for vintage & modern Harley Davidson & Indian motorcycle parts 1903 thru 2004.
Steel Horse Magazine
Tejas Thump Cycles - Motorcycle Parts, Harley Parts, Bike Kits and Motorcycle Accessories.
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HD Owners Club Norway
Misfits Motorcycle Club - Motorcycle dedicated to helping injured motorcyclist, Law enforcement & Terminally ill people.

HOG (Harley Owners Group)

Australia - Brisbane
Australia - Geelong
Australia - Perth
California - Fullerton
California - Ventura
Canada - Perth, Ontario
First State Chapter Harley Owners Group- Delaware - Wilmington
Florida - Gainesville
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France - Nice
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Illinois - Chicago
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Massachusetts - Sheldons
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South Carolina - Spartanburg
Virginia - Richmond
Washington - Tacoma


Harley-Davidson Newsgroup
Forman H-D Mailing List - Receive News About Info & Events
Harley TC88 Email List - This list is for enthusiasts of all motorcycles powered by a Harley Twin Cam Engine


HDTalking.com - is unofficial Harley Davidson motorcycles discussion forum and one stop resource for all Harley Davidson related discussions. With us you can share your favourite or personal videos and photos and share your experience about motorcycle maintenance, motorcycles troubleshooting and repairs, and Harley Davidson motorcycles performance upgrades. You may post your organization/club or personal events on our forum, share tips for safety riding or just hang arround on our forums.
Liberty Sidecars
V-TWIN Café - Performance Tips for Harley-Davidsons


Andy's Auto Sport
Jennings Harley-Davidson - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED At Jennings Harley-Davidson®, customers will be not only able to browse new and used bikes, but also a huge range of the famed Harley parts, accessories, MotorClothes® and merchandise.
Harley-Davidson Performance Parts - UK
WarDepartment.co.uk - Specialists in restoring and servicing classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles.