How To Export or Import Motor Vehicles

When exporting a vehicle overseas, there are a number of critical considerations. The first consideration is the safety of the order, and ensuring that your vehicle arrives at its destination in one piece, in the same condition in which you purchased it (this can depend greatly upon the type of shipping method). Then, you need to think about issues like cost, consumer protections and the conditions of your contract, which may vary according to the country in which you are shipping and the company you choose to do it.

We recommend using an international auto transport company when exporting or importing vehicles.

Pitfalls of Exporting
There are a number of pitfalls associated with exporting a vehicle. The biggest risk is that the vehicle you purchased in a certain condition or with certain accessories doesn't arrive that way. There are horror stories in which people didn't receive what they ordered from a particular dealer - or in some of the worst situations, didn't receive their vehicle at all - despite having paid all or a big chunk of the total cost associated with the purchase up front.

Another pitfall of exporting a vehicle is the potential for shipping delays even when the dealer in question does end up sending the vehicle on time. Delays in auto shipping when exporting a vehicle can wreak havoc for an expectant buyer who is given a specific timeframe for delivery of a vehicle. Documentation

Another issue that may crop up in the process of exporting a vehicle is that of proper documentation. Without the proper documentation, the chances that your vehicle will make it into the destination country - or out of the originating country - are slim. The costs associated with this kind of mistake can be substantial, whose ownership information will be associated with the vehicle and who will likely have to pay for any infractions. In fact, incorrect vehicle documentation can even cost you the entire vehicle, resulting in a significant financial loss.

Tips on Exporting
However, despite the numerous horror stories associated with the process of exporting a vehicle, there are many times when the process goes right and people are happy with the bargains they received from purchasing from a buyer overseas. The best way to ensure a seamless export is to follow a few key tips: Learn more about exporting vehicles here: US Department of Homeland Security.