Topic:NEW TIRES...could use some advice/feedback
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
bignastymy name is jason and i need new A/S tires for my 93'Altima (green)

i have seen this site
and it seems like there are some
fairly experienced individuals
who might lend me a hand

i drive city and highway
and last year i put on a whopping 50k kilometers
i probably won't do that much this year
as i have moved into the city

however, having said that, i will probably do a road trip or two

i am a fairly aggressive driver and
i think i want to go for a performance all season tire

i am in toronto
and so, i will have a mixture of heat wave summers
and the worst winter conditions


i have been shopping around and i have found the following tires
that interest me and (i think) suit my needs:

1. pirelli cinturato p3000
2. toyo 800Ultra
3. yokohama AVID T4/H4-V4
4. bridgestone turanza LS-T/LS-H-V
5. dunlop sport A2
6. micheline Harmony / Sport A/S

my conclusions / concerns are thus:

1. the p3000 and 800ultra have aggressive tires and are M+S rated

Q: does this M+S rating put them in league with winter tires?
Q: am i trading off dry/wet performance for the M+S?
and, if i am, how much?

2. the yokohamas are supposed to have great dry/wet performance
(as are the turanzas)

Q: what might be the trade off in snow and slush?
(keeping in mind that tires can't really compete with snow!)

3. the pirelli and yokohama are supposed to be of a softer compound
that wears this true?
how much more quickly? (if you can quantify it)

the Dunlop A2s are also supposed to wear out extremely fast!

contrary to this the toyos are supposed to have long life
(but then again i'm not looking for 10 years of life!)

Q: is there one brand or tire that is known for extremely poor life?

please help me compare them
and sort out real value
i want (like anyone) alot of BANG for my BUCK

any help you can offer me would be much appreciated.

thanks very much


Sammy DeeI drive a car similiar to yours, a 95 Honda Accord and do the same kind of driving under the same conditions as you do. I got me a set of no name tires from walmart called Super Sport GT. These tires are H rated, and have lasted me for over 40k miles and still has a nice amount of tread on them. They grip really nice, handling is excelent, and wet traction is very good. Its built really tough because I have hit some nasty pot holes and the tire never bruised. They are also pretty good in the snow. They have an asymetrical tread design so you can drive through the worst blizzards with these tires. Winter tires would be better but its expensive to go buy 2 sets of tires. I'm sure there is a size for your Altima. I can honestly say I am glad I didn't waste my money on the big name brand tires because these tires from walmart are very impressive.
bignastytx for the reply sammy

i am on department store tires now
Sears Bridgestone Roadhandler GTs
and they have been good
reliable and quiet and comfortable

good all around in all conditions
i'd say

but now i think i want to move into
a tire with higher performance
to see what it gets me

have you ever used any of the ones i've mentioned?

you also mentioned 'asymmetrical' tires being better in snow..?...:/

is this so?...why is that?



Sammy DeeAsymetrical means each tread line is a distinct pattern. Doesn't always mean its better in snow, but the tread design on my tires works really nicely in the snow. In the summer they are a great performance tire that can take some serious abuse. They are H rated so you can go up to 130mph (210kph) I have gone even slightly faster than that and the tires felt very stable. They got a really good tread life and grip nicely on wet roads. I have had Yokohamas before and they are also great tires, but they do cost more. The Super GT Sport tires that I got feel just as good as my Yokohamas, and I actually find the handling better on my new tires. I would stay away from anything made by Dunlop. These are the worst tires ever. If you want to go with a name brand then go with Yokohama, but if you want to save money and still get a good tire then go to walmart and grab a set of these. Me personally I like the way the tires look, they have a very sporty look to them and the sidewall design looks allright.
elektrickI know about the tires this guy is talking about because I got the same set from Wal Mart for my 99 Grand Prix GTP and they are great tires. Handle amazing and last a long time, and they work pretty good in snowy conditions.
big nastytx for the replys guys

sammy, what yokohamas did you get
and how did they compare all around

and who was the manufacturer of these
fabled supersportGTs everyone seems to like so much

come on guys
how about some specifics

anyone else outthere got an opinion???

electrickI think they are made by good year, or good year owns the company that makes the tires.
POPPERI agree about dunlops sucking big time. Michelins suck in the rain, Yokohama makes good tires but wear out fast. I got a set of cooper life liners they are H rated and have really good all season performance.
bignastyi shy away from NoName brands

i will spend a little extra

i will buy PresidentsChoice
but not NoFrills

i'm a single guy...i can afford it...

ya know?....ya know?....

anyone experienced any A/Ss good in snow?

gee moneymost of those no name tires are built by big name companies. you just paying for the advertising. my friend has a set of no names on his car and they lasted almost twice as long as his original michelins and cost almost twice as less. if you feel more comfortable using name brand tires, then the commercials worked on you!
bignastycome on people

make yourselves useful

weezerwhat the hell do you want more from these guys?? they gave you lots of great info. You drive a 95 altima, not a bmw M3, your car doesn't have the ability to exceed the performance capabilities of any tire.
just kiddingy

sad but true...

i was just kidding with that last one
i guess sarcasm doesn't convey well in text

your help WAS appreciated

thank you all

if anyone is still interested,...

i went with a Yokohama AVID H4
part for value, part for performance

now i can agree that i can never test the
upper limits of this tire

but....i can say this...SWEEEEEEET

it is a very smooth ride

and i can appreciate its handling
even if i cannot exploit it fully

cheers all

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