Topic:Plus Size a 3.2TL
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
BlueguavaThe OE tire on my 1999 Acura 3.2TL is 205/60/16 and I'd like to plus size to a wider tire.

However, I want to use the OE wheel so I'd appreciate feedback and recommendations on a tire size.

Thanks for the feedback.

donfromnaples215/55R16 is as close to stock overall diameter as you can get and these will fit on your OE rims. These will be about a half an inch wider. They are only 1.5% difference from stock so your speedo will not be off by very much. At 70 mph, your would only be about 1 mph difference than reality and every 100 miles you travel will actually read 101.5 miles on your odometer. You can imagine driving 100,000 miles and have only 98,500 on the car. If that bothers you, then don't switch the size of your tires. Other than that it will have no negative impact. It will help your lauch a bit, your traction in turns and braking as well.
Sanford195You haven't mentioned the rim width or the type of tire you intend to use. it is very important to check with the tire manufacturer to make sure the wider tread will be supported on the rim width of the stock wheels. Your getting close to the limit of the rim to support the (215) wider tread. For example, if you were to select a tire with a softer sidewall and the tire was not designed to be supported on a rim of that width you would loose resposivness in turns (transience and tread lift) and you might get side to side jiggle at highway speeds, so match the tire to the rim width. You should also check with the dealer to make sure the larger tire will fit in the wheel well during (lock) turns. Since your not going to a larger diameter rim (for the look) You might consider a tire of higher performance than the original size. More tread width will not always get you more grip.
donfromnaplesstock rims on that car are 7" and will easily accommodate a 215 aspect ratio tire. the dealer is unlikely to know if a 215 would rub the wheelwell on a full turn because they do not install new tires. you can safely increase your overall diameter by 5% on all new cars without rubbing. The car manufacturers have built room in to avoid such problems. Also, have you ever noticed the distance between the top of your tire and the bottom of the wheelwell. It is quite a gap to avoid rubbing. There is more room that you might expect. This is how all the young guys are lowering they're sport compact cars 2-4" without rubbing while also increasing rim sizes.

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