Topic:Goodyear Eagle RSA replacements
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
TiredMarkI will be replacing my Original Goodyear Eagle RSAs from my 98 Chevy Lumina LTZ with 3.8L V6 and 225-60 HR 16 tires. I have 68,000 miles on these OEM tires and can easily do 15,000 more. According to TireRack website, they are not rated the best for the price so am looking to replace with Dunlop SP SPort A2's. Any advice ? I'm now suffering from "paralysis by analysis" from reading up on tires. I'm looking for at least H rated and good light snow and wet traction for NY/NJ climate, mostly highway driving.
I lived in Jersey for 22 years. I had the old Dunlops D60 A2 which the new ones replaced. They did a decent job all around but got real smooth after about 25,000 miles. I have heard all good things about the Bridgestone RE 950. Should be pretty sticky in all weather and last awhile too. Either one of those two tires should be fine for you. And both will be better than your current RS-A tires.
DanBYou got 68,000 from your RSAs and are complaining?!
Thats very high mileage for any tire, yet alone performance.
Not best for the price? See how miles you will be able to put on the Bridgetsones before they need repalcement. I gauranteee they will be roughly half! Where's the economy in that?
donfromnaplesCheck out the ratings for high performance all season tires and you will see the Bridgestones first, the Dunlops second. The Goodyears are down the list in 20th place. Traction is a major factor, braking, acceleration, cornering, wet surfaces and snowy surfaces. Now, I would rather spend my money on tires that will stick(keeping me safe and allowing me confidence when driving) then settle for something that "may" last longer yet is far more dangerous when it comes to emergencies, and any weather at all like rain and light snow. By the way, the Goodyears have a treadwear rating of 260 while the Bridgestones have a treadwear of 400. The Goodyears received a treadwear rating from customers of 6.2 while the Bridgestones recieved a score of 8.5. Seems to be better than the Goodyear in all aspects including price. The Goodyear cost $116 each while the Bridgestone run $94 each in your size. Hope this clears up any confusion or concerns you had.
DanBYou are quoting ratings by Tirerack polls - highly unscientific!
If the Bridgestones were so good, then they would be OEMs from Ford, GM, etc.
I can't understand why there seems to be a bias in favor of the Japanese tires. I don't believe anybody has better technology than Goodyear.
Please don't take my previous post as an attack on what you said. I was simply trying to offer what facts I am aware of in regards to the tires mentioned. No, Tirerack is not scientific. It is done by surveys which do not offer any generalizable results in the scientific world. They do offer me the opinions of hundreds of customers in regards to a particular tire and I believe that to give it some creedence. I offered my suggestion on which tire would offer a very good value in my opinion and that is all I intended to do. I really only wanted to help out Mark because he asked.
DanBNo offense taken Don. I was just trying to make the point that if something ain't broke, don't fix it - e.g., the RSAs have given good service, why not try them again?
As I stated before, there seems to be an anti-American tire bias growing, like there has been for years against the automakers.
We have been inundated lately by the many foreign tire company products hitting our stores and people buying these products for good reason other than cost.
I believe Goodyear makes a superior product to the Kumhos, Federals, etc., but thats all I am hearing about in the various sites, how great these tires are.
I think the American public is being hoodwinked once again.
donfromnaplesI'm ashamed to admit that I have not been taking that into consideration lately. I too have heard all the good things about Kumho. About two years ago, it was Nitto. Goodyear tires are excellent in my opinion. I often tell people about their racing heritage and also recommend the Aquatred 3. Maybe I should double check the alternatives out there before I buy my next set. One of my cars is due for new tires soon. How would I doublecheck if a company is strictly an American company. I have seen a lot have US offices and may appear as an American but really just have an branch office here with their main office located in some other country. I have purchased Toyo, Pirelli, BFGoodrich(Michelin owns them), Goodyears, Nitto and most recently Bridgestone for our Explorer.

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