Topic:Effect of bent rims on tires
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
cyclopsHi, I'd like to ask the members of this board what are the effects of having a bent rim on my tires.

I am wearing a 6 month old set of 205-15-50 Firestone Firehawk ss20's on 15x6.5 wheels. I bought these as a set off of Tirerack. I drive a 95 Integra sedan.

Just yesterday, I noticed my front left rim slightly deformed-- it is no longer round (at least from the outside rim view touching the tire)

My question is: is this bad for my tires? Do I have to replace my rim? Is it dangerous? How long can I wait if I must replace the rim?

I am also dumbfounded at how this could have happened. The only things I can think of that might have cause this are
1.) I ran over a really big pothole on the highway at ~60mph
2.) Parking in a grassy field, I drove over a hidden tree stump in the grass at <2 MPH.

Do you think any of these events could have caused my bent rim?

How do bent rims usually occur?

Thanks for your insight.

CapriRacerThe answer to your question - Is this a problem? - depends on how bad the distortion is. It might have little effect, then again, it might have a huge affect.

At least the start of the answer is - if the wheel is on the driver's front,do you feel a vibration in the steering wheel? If so, you need to get the wheel replaced right away.

If not, take the vehicle to a tire shop and have them look at it.

And .... the pothole might do it, the tree stump probably wouldn't

Hope this helps.

[This message has been edited by CapriRacer (edited April 01, 2002).]

laqnIMO, if you don't feel any dramatic shaking on the highway, and you can go a month or more without having to constantly add air to your tire, then it's probably not dangerous. In any case, I would move the defective rim to the rear, since your Integ is a FWD car, and the front tires(and rims) have a lot of stress on them. The fronts have at least 60% of the car's weight on them, and they have to steer and provide traction at the same time, not to mention them having to do the brunt of the braking. The rears only have about 35% of the cars weight, and they don't have to steer...they just trail along, so there's less exertion. Also, if you have a failure at the rear, the car is still steerable.
tiremanAs I understand it you hit something hard enough to bend the rim but you haven't had the tire inspected both inside & out by a knowledgable professional. I have seen numerous examples of people driving on tires they have damaged for many miles then when the tire finally gives out because the damage weakened the tire they want to blaim the tire as defective.
The bent rim will have an effect on the long term life of the tire but I would be much more concerned about the integrity of the tire. Tires are not magic, even though NHTSA thinks they are. Tires do not repair themselvs and internal damage is cumulative.

Why will people spend more on a car wash than on a tire repair? why will some spend more on a pr of tennis shoes because some jock wears the same brand than they will spend on a tire when their life depends on the condition of the tire.

cyclops only you can decide what your life is worth.

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