Topic:Michelin XGT H4 vs. Firestone SH30
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
WilberHas anyone had both of these tires that they can provide a direct comparison?
donfromnaplescheck out the customer surveys and test results at
BeertIt really depends on what you are looking for from the tire.
DavidI am also trying to decide which to buy (the Firehawk SH30 or the Michelin "Pilot" XGT H4 (which are the new improved version of the original XGT H4. The Tirerack survey rates them very close...with the SH30 having a better rating for resistence to hydroplaning. As well, the SH30 have a higher treadwear rating, come with a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty, road hazard,30 day satisfaction warranty, are about $100-125 less (for a set of 4 tires)and Frestone is offering a $30.00 mail in rebatae (for a set of 4 tires) and will unconditionally guarantee the tires for 3 years against manufacturer's defects (probably prompted by there recent problems). I do not think that the Michelin XGT Hr's can come anywhere close to the extras that Firestone is offering. I am leaning strongly toward the Firehawk SH30, unless I hear some negatives that I was not aware of.

Hope this helps.

OttoTire rack has a lot of good info on its web site but I don't think that the owners tire rating page is very accurate. I have used several of the tires on the lists and don't find the ratings to be accurate. In fact the owners ratings often go against what the tire rack tire tests show.
GunnerI am currently using both of these tires. I have Firehawk SH30s on a Chevy Malibu and Michelin Pilot XGT H4s on a Hyundai Elantra. Both tires are great and which one to choice
depends on what you value most from your tires. I have 17,000 miles on the SH30s and still have 7/32 tread. These tires are great in the rain and even give good snow traction. They are very quiet on the Interstate and don't squeal during hard cornering. If there is a weak spot with them its that they are not super responsive to steering input, but after they take a set they stick and you can keep pushing on them.

The Pilot XGT H4s have a sporter feel and a slightly harsher ride then the SH30s. I only have 5,000 miles on them so its too early to tell about tread wear.If I had to grade these tires it would be..

Dry grip.....Pilot XGH H4
Wet grip.....SH30
Snow traction...SH30
Steering responce... Pilot XGT H4
Ride comfort...SH30

Hope this info helps with your decision

youGoNowBefore you settle on the SH30's, you should consider its cousin, the Turanza Revo. It has unmatched traction in the rain...I know because I live in Oregon, and it rains here from October to June.

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