Topic:Tires for Thunderbird SuperCoupe
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Adam H.I am considering buying new tires for my 92 Thunderbird SuperCoupe. It currently has BF Goodrich VR 4's, p225/60R16. I have not been overly happy with the bumpiness of the ride of these tires, although they were already somewhat worn when I bought the car used. I am considering buying a new set of VR 4's or upgrading to a Michelin Pilot XGT Z4. I am looking for advice as to whether this would be a good move--give me better ride and handling--or just give me a more expensive tire I don't really need. I drive fast on the freeway sometimes, but I'm not exactly a racer. I have been looking at these two tires, but am open to other options.

I have been unable to find out for sure whether the stock tire on this car was v- or z-rated. The owner's manual doesn't say and local Ford dealers don't seem to know. The info inside my door panel <<seems>> to suggest they were z-rated, but one dealer told me the stock tires for a SuperCoupe were v-rated, although he couldn't tell me the brand or anything else.

The owner's manual, otherwise useless on this matter, does say that the stock tires were <<unidirectional>>. Does this matter at all?

For what it's worth, I live in California: some rain, rarely have to deal with snow (and then, usually with chains on).


donfromnaplesI think the Pilot series is way overpriced compared to similar tires. I like the Bridgestone RE 730 for $92 each in your size then the Dunlop SP 5000 for $85 each. Either of these tires will handle very well in California weather and should last you a while since they both have decent treadwear ratings for high performance tires.
CraigJust as a thought, you might want to consider the Firestone SH30. It is a high performance all season that does well all around. You won't need those chains anymore and treadwear is great.
ausdad98I have a 93 supercoupe, A few months ago i was in your delimma. I spent a little more and put on the pilots from michelin. The ride is better and handeling and grip is great. Take it from a supercoupe fan, spend a little more it will be well worth it.

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