Topic:Inflation pressure
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
BobI have a 97 Voyager base model with Michelin X-One plus size zero tire, 215/70R14. the stock tire size was 205/75R14.

the door sill and user guide says to inflate tires to 35PSi both front and rear. The old Goodyear and the new Michelin has inflate to 35PSi written on the sidewall. But recently when we took the vehicle in for maintenance they set the tire pressure to 32PSi and they said it would be better for the vehicle.

My question is who do I believe? The place I purchased the X-Ones from said that it is best to keep it at 35PSi, the door sill says 35 and the sidewall says 35. But the dealer says 32. I'm just worried because if keep underinflated it could void the X-Ones warranty and could also result in increased wear. But on the other hand what would happen if the dealer is right and it should be kept at 32.

Anyone with X-Ones on a Chrysler Town and Country, Plymouth Voyager or Dodge Caravan, did you follow the inflation pressure on the tire or the dealer?

thanks in advance

DaveBThis is not some radical depature from what was originally on the vehicle. Usually you follow what is on the door. It never hurts to see how they are wearing and make adjustments. Some vehicles are not sensitive to + or - 3lbs adjustments. I usually stick with the door.
JeepersNormally you should follow what is indicated on the door sill, but as long as you do not exceed the max pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire, you are ok. I would ask the dealer why they have recommended something different than what the manufacturer has suggested if it concerns you.
Tireman9Tire sidewall stamping is a "MAX" To confirm I suggest you re-read what the words say.
The door plackard is a vehicle mfg recommended minimum. You should not go below.

You have increased the load capacity of the tires with your +1 by 22# which is not significant. I would expect you could lower pressure by no more than 1 psi and be essentially equivalent.

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