Topic:Should I keep using H-rated tire for 93 Accord
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
ChuckI am going to replace my OEM Goodyear GA H-rated tires. Honda dealer suggested me the Michelin X1 T-rated tire as I am driving in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Should I keep using H rated tire for my 93 Honda Accord even I never drive more than 130km/hr? Does anyone tell me the difference between Michelin tire energy MVX4 and energy MVX4 plus? Thank you.
RamX75If you never drive near those speed ratings, forget about them and save yourself a few $$. Not that this would ever happen, but if you were to sell the car to someone that DID run those speeds and the car was originally equipped with the higher speed rating tires from the factory and something happened relating to the tire and speed of the vehicle, I'd bet there's some lawyer somewhere that could be looking for you. Good luck on your decision.
donfromnaplesi would suggest sticking with H speed rated tires not for top speed but for everyday driving improvements over T rated tires. H rated tires will stop better, corner better, and can cost the same and last just as long as many T rated tires. My suggestions for H speed rated tires are first the Firestone Firehawk SH 430 and then second the Nitto NT 460. Both are all season performance radials that are affordable and will last 65,000miles. e-mail me at if you have any questions about this.
SteveChuck, I strongly recommend sticking with H rated tires. I just recently tried to do exactly what you are thinking about and I noticed a significant difference in the way my 92 Honda Accord drove. I replaced my worn out H-rated Michelin MVXs energy with the T rated Michelin X-ones and i immediately noticced my steering was much sloppier and handling was much more shaky at freeway speeds.

I sent an Email to Michelin regarding these issues and they "called me" to let me know that as a rule Michelin always recommends sticking with the OEM speed rating (or higher) as your front-end specs are "tuned" based on your OEM tire speed rating. He also said that the sloppy ride comes from the "weaker sidewalls" associated with lower rated tires. He said some people might try to increase the tire pressure to firm up the sidewalls but generally speaking it is always better to stick with the OEM speed rated tires.

I took my X-ones back to America's tires after driving on them for a month and they replaced them with the new MVX4 plus energy for just the price of the install. The ride feels much more firm and controlled. There were actually times that I did not feel safe driving on the X-ones, not because they are a bad tire but because they are not the correct speed-rating for my Honda Accord.

Someone else on this BBS told me that the higher speed rated tires feel more "sticky" to the road. This makes sense as I felt a distinctive difference in "gripping and stopping power" once I put the H-rated tires back on. Make sure you get the MVX plus that have a treadwear rating of 400 as they will last a while. I don't personally like Goodyear tires as I have had them "bubble up on the sidewall" after hitting a pothole or curb. I have never had that problem with any other tires except Goodyears. I love my new Michelin MVX Plus Energy tires. They ride great and feel safe.


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