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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Gregwent to a local independent Firestone dealer here in SC the other day to get something done about the Firestone P235/75R15 ATX's on my Explorer. Well, the manager at the store could of cared less about it....stated he was busy and couldn't do anything about I asked him when he could do something about the tires...his response was...."there's 5 other dealers here in town".....real concerned he was...more like a jerk....Like he couldn't have made me an appointment....I'll have to write to Firestone about this dealer...hopefully they will do something about it.

So, then I went to my neighborhood Ford questioned 5 new Goodyear Wangler RT/S' I know and have read on this board that the Goodyear's aren't any good...but that was the only choice except for Uniroyal Laredo's....heard they were worst....

I have a my opinion, the Goodyear's ride good so many miles should I expect out of them?


KariOriginally posted by Kari:

p.s. - I had the same problem w/ my firestone dealer here in Fla. I replaced w/ 4 Michelins (great tires) I'm hoping to get a refund one of these days. (kept my firestones in the garage)

Rich KThis is just a comment about your experience with a Firestone dealer. I also have Firestone ATX tires on my Pathfinder.

I called a Firestone dealer today to see if he had any replacements. He didn't. However, he spent a good 15 minutes on the phone with me talking about tires. He was pleasant and helpful. I guess it takes all kinds.

Hopefully, when Firestone gets your letter, they either straighten the guy out or get rid of him.


Mike MI heard about the problem with the Firestones prior to the recall. I immediately went to the Firestone dealer and talked to them. They said they would swap them our for me with some Bridgestone Dueler AT's. They would need to be ordered. Then a few days later, an official recall came out and specified the 15" tire. Mine are 17's and now they say they're 'not supposed to swap them", since only the 15's were recalled. Now it looks like if I want to keep my Expedition off the roof, I'll be out of pocket for a new set of tires. Oh's a 2000 Expy with 1700 miles on it. Boy, I'm glad I bought a vehicle I can't take on the freeway. Gotta go...need to get some estimates for a roll cage!!
MissTweetumsI have a 94 Explorer and I live in SC also.
I didn't even try to go to a Firestone dealer. But I did call Ford just to see which tire they would recommend. I told them
I wasn't waiting on a recall for here and I
was going to pay out of my pocket. So the
guy told me that he had ordered a set of Michelin LTX M/S for a girl who worked there.
She had a 93 model and had replaced her tires
a good while back, before they knew about the
problem. He said she loved the tires. So
after looking around this site to see what
other people recommended I called a Michelin
dealer. He replaced all 5 of my tires (counting the spare) for the difference in
price. I could have gotten another brand
absolutley free, but I wanted this particular
tire. So I paid $105.00 for all 5. He was
getting his money back from Firestone. I got
an incredible deal. I am glad I didn't wait,
or I would have been in the same boat as the
people who have had to settle for just about
any brand to get that size tire.

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