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JScott_01I have a 1993 Ford Explorer and have the Firestone ATX tires. I live in Louisiana and have been told by our Firestone dealer that I possibly can get new tires this week. My question is what kind of tires should we get as replacements? I had replaced 2 of the tires 6 weeks ago because of the tread separating. Our vehicle started shaking violently on the interstate and this was why. I refuse to get another set of Firestone. Any suggestions?
donfromnaplesa lot of other people have written in lately about this, check some earlier posts. i have a '95 Explorer. Tire recommendations depend on your driving. do you have a 4X4 or 4X2? do you ever drive off rode? do you want the look of off-road tires? do you want a smooth quiet highway ride? for an excellent off-road tire, go with the Michelin AT. For a good combination SUV tire that gives a smoother ride and long treadlife, go with the Bridgestone Dueler H/L, for a plainer looking real good and very long lasting touring tire then the Michelin X-One, Pirelli P400 Touring, or even the Dunlop D65 T. my e-mail is if you have anymore questions.
cdsaddlerI would not recommend Michelin X-one, Pirelli P400 or the like for an Explorer. The best tire replacement for the Firestone would be Goodyear Wrangler RT/S.
JScott_01I was able to get 5 Bridgestone Duelers for my 93 Explorer Tuesday. They are the AT model and so far seem to be pretty good. There is no comparison between these and the Firestone ATX when it comes to the way the vehicle rides. I like the off road look, but I don't do any off road driving. I am just happy to have new tires and hope they hold up like they should. THanks for the advice.
goyoMy vehicle is a Ford Aerostar on which I placed new Wilderness tires about two years ago. Within the first month, one rear tire disintegrated as I was driving the freeway in Washington State. I noticed a swerving rearend, looked into the rearview mirror, and saw tire pieces being thrownup into the air. Soon after the tire exploded and the axle came down on the pavement as I came to a stop. If this had happened on the front, it probably would have been a worse outcome. By the way, these are 14-inch tires - so these problems are not just with the Explorers or with 15-inch tires.

For those who indicate that the tire is not at fault, you must have stock in Firestone. I have already purchased new tires (the recall doesn't correct 14-inch tires), and will never by Firestone again.

Shawn MWhatever you get get them quickly. This recall is drying up supply on P235/75R15 all over the country. I was sold out of everything I had in a couple of days and now I can't get anymore. If you can get them I'd recommend the Uniroyal laredo A/S It has a brand new tread design and it's my guess that these tires will come on the Explorer in the future
Originally posted by cdsaddler:
I would not recommend Michelin X-one, Pirelli P400 or the like for an Explorer. The best tire replacement for the Firestone would be Goodyear Wrangler RT/S.

I just replaced my (99 explorer 4wd)Firestones P255 16 in. (which again are not on the recall) w/ very expensive ($600. for the set!) Michelin ATs, why do you not recommend these?
Also, Anyone know whether there is any chance to get any type of refund from Firestone on the non-recalled tires? I went to my local dealer today and they basically laughed at me, saying I jumped the gun replacing my perfectly new tires, where I should be replacing my Ford Explorer as the tires are not at fault but the vehicle.

MissTweetumsI had the Firestone ATX on my Explorer ever
since I owned it. I had no problems with the
tires and had even replaced the 2 on the front. One about 2 weeks before the recall.
My concern was that of everyone elses that
owned the tires. WHAT IF? and IT COULD HAPPEN! So they came off. I was able to get
a set of Michelin LTX M/S as a trade in.
(Believe it or not). They took my set of
Firestone's including the spare tire and I
paid the difference in the price of what it
would have cost for a new set of Firestones.
Came to a whopping deal of $105.00. for 5
new tires. We all know Michelin's are very
costly. I would have taken that deal anyday
for Michelins. This is a great tire. This
particular model is not recommended for off-
roading. But then I don't do that anyway.
You would need the A/T's for that. But the
difference in the ride is incredible. I am
extremely satisfied with this brand. And
when time to replace them again (94 model)
I will pay full price!!!!!!!!!!
GillianTo above Post: You are right, I have had my Michelins for a week now and they handle wonderfully. The peice of mind that I have gained made it worth every penny. I'm still going to try and get my money back though. I just found a Firestone Message Board through MSNBC which was enough to send anyone who hasn't replaced their firestones running to your nearest tire dealer.
infomanYou might read the entire message at

Puts a little different light on the situation.

You also might remember just how accurate all the reports were about the guard that was convicted in the media of setting the bomb at the atlanta Olimpics, or the "unintended acceleration Audi. Remember the primary goal of the media is to generate income from selling news and nothing sells better than dramatic stories. You can expect corrections in small print on pg 14 in a couple of months.

TireEngIf it takes Firestone 10 months to replace 6.5 million tires and that's not fast enough, why does it take Continental 2 months to replace 160k?

If Continental had to replace 6.5 million at that rate it would take them almost 7 years!

Using Firestone's replacement rate it would only take 8 days!

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