Topic:Softer Riding Tires for Taurus 2000 Wagon
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Henry SteinMy new Taurus 2000 wagon came with Firestone P215/60 R16 94T Affinity Touring TS tires. I like the car, but the ride is a little stiff. I'd like a softer ride, if possible. The manufacturer suggests 30# of air in the tires. I've experimented with 28#, 30#, and 32#. The lower pressure helps a little.

A tire dealer suggested switching to Bridgestone Turanza P215/60 R16, claiming that I'd get a somewhat softer ride. Would a wider (P225) or higher profile tire /65 or /70 help? Has anyone achieved a more comfortable, quiet, softer ride with different tires?

AlejandroIf you are trying to get a smoother ride Michellin is the way to go they are more expensive but better than any other tire, you could also try yokohama or pirelli....
donfromnaplesa higher profile tire will help not a wider one. going to a 215/70R16 will help your ride be softer, increase fuel mileage by about 2 mpg, and fake your odometer into reading about 5% off in your favor(if you drove 100 miles then your odometer will read that you only drove 95 miles instead of the actual 100 miles), but your speedometer will read a lower number about 2 mph lower at 70 mph than you are actually driving. say you are driving 70mph then your car will read more like 68mph(not like that difference will get you a ticket, but it is important to know). michelin x-one are very smooth, quiet tires, yokohoma avid touring are also this way, as well as pirelli p400 touring. buy from for the best prices and great advice. you can go to to type in your existing size tires with ones you are thinking of putting on and it will show you the percentage difference between any sizes you entered.
Jeff in NCI had a '96 Taurus wagon with a really harsh ride. I replaced the tires even though they had plenty of tread left (I think they were Dunlops) with Michelin X-Ones and that helped a little, but only a little. I had previously owned a 94 Taurus sedan and thought the ride was fine, but the wagon was so harsh and unpleasant that I got rid of it. Not the cheapest way to fix a ride problem, but it worked!
Dar97Michelin X-One is a good choice, as well as maybe the Yokohama, but Pirelli's tend to have a stronger sidewall, and that translates into more road feel (harsher ride). You may also want to look at the Toyo 800 Ultra.

215/70R16 is an SUV size, and definately not recommended to fit your car. According to Firestone's catalog, your 215/60R16 is 26.1" tall. A 225/70R16 would be 28.3" tall, and would rub all over the inside of your fenders.

As a different size option, you could try a 215/65R16 (26.7" tall) or a 225/60R16 (26.5" tall). I think your choice of tire is more important than what size you are using.


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