Topic:Firestone SH30 vs. Bridgestone RE930
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
MitchWould appreciate any opinions on those two
tires as far as handling, noise, comfort, dry/wet performace, and also snow traction.
The car is 91 Accord EX, H-rated 195/60/15.
WoodsHave heard many good things about both tires,
but also heard that SH30 is quiter and smoother than RE930. How do they compare on snowy roads? Anyone ever had any of these tires??

ChrisI have had both of these tires on my car within the last month. The SH30s seemed to have excellent wet and dry traction but at least 2 of the 4 tires had an out of round problem (no gripe against Firestone, probably just bad luck on my part). They would zero out during balancing but still had an egg shaped feel at certain speeds. I ended up returning these under the auspices of the 30 day Firestone test drive and went with the RE930s. The 930s traction capabilities seem almost identical to the SH30s. In my opinion the Bridgestones are slightly quieter and offer a smoother ride.
If treadwear is an issue the Firestones hold an advantage (420 vs 300). I can't comment on the snow capabilities of either tire. The vehicle that these tires were installed on is a 1996 Maxima SE. I hope that this info is of some assistance.
MCJHaven't had SH30s, but currently have RE930s on an Integra and have also driven a Previa minivan extensively on RE930s. It is a nice tire. I like the reponse - seems to have a pretty stiff sidewall. Ultimate grip is not as good as I desire, but it's not bad either. Sets to squealing just a bit early. Snow and wet traction are both good. Ride a bit stiff. Noticed a better ride whent he Previa switched to Michs. Noise is average. Quality is excellent. I also own an Accord EX. If you want a sporty all-season tire, the RE930 is a good tire at a great price and would do well on that car. My Accord has Avid H4s right now, and I would rather have the 930s. That's my take. Good luck.

BTW, Bridgestone owns Firestone now and I heard BR is working hard to improve the FSTN quality.

bsheftelThe RE930 stinks. I have them on my Volvo 850. They retain a flat spot when cold and having sat overnight. They finally start to smooth out some after they get warm. They loose grip easily on hard acceleration. They offer no snow grip what so ever and they hydroplane very easily. I can't wait for them to wear out so I can replace them.
TunaI have the SH30s and I'm very happy with these tires. I researched all the all season H rated tires and these seem to be the best. The RE930 is an older design. The SH30 is a newer design and it was developed after Bridgestone took control of Firestone. The SH30 has much high tread wear 460 vs. 300 for the RE930. If you look at the Tire Rack owners ranking the SH30 is rated #1 over all others in its class. All H rated all season tires have some drawback, Dunlop D60 A2 have quick steering response but ride like rocks and are noisy. Yokohama Avid H4 have no snow traction and squeal during hard turns. Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloce have poor snow traction and odd wear patterns. Michelin, nothing that great about them and cost too much. BF Goodrich CompT/A HR4-2 is an older design that has poor straight line stability. One more thing, a Firestone-Bridgestone dealer I talked to has SH30s on his Honda Accord. He told me he had RE930 before the SH30s and prefers the newer Firestones.
BrianI just bought a pair of RE930's today, and their handling is excellent; right on par with my previous Eagle RS-A's. It took me half an hour at the shop to decide between the SH30 and the RE930, even though the shop owner recommended the sh30. The only thing that I notice with my 205/55/16 RE930's is that they have a decreased tread width, which makes them look like a 195/55/16.
BrianWell, I've had the Bridgestone RE930 tires for a week now, and they still handle great in both dry and wet conditions. The problem that I'm having is with the tread design. The tread does a superb job of picking up water from the sides and spitting it out the center to the back. This same design also picks up small pebbles and dirt and spins them in the wheelwell, which can get annoying sometimes because of the noise. I've never had this problem with any other tire. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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