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Heavy ChevyDoes anybody have any positive or negative input on Goodyear Wrangler AT/S for trucks. Are they terrible on wet pavement, or in snow. Or just a good choice, or they all together suck ass?
cosmoI don't know about the driving performance, but a friend had them on a F150 and the AT/S would whine very loudly between 55 and 65 mph. I wouldn't recommend them on that alone.
JeepersI've not had good experiences with the Wranglers. I couldn't wait to get them off my JGC, and didn't have to wait long since they wore out so quick! I put the Michelin LTX AT's on and have been much happier all around. If you are doing alot of 4-wheelin', get the BFG AT's (or MT's for the serious stuff). Otherwise the LTX's will do you fine.
SkidplateNot a good tire in my opinion
If you do alot of for wheeling and need a strong tire AT tire ,yes the bfg AT's are good. But if you don't do alot (hardly any) four wheeling. I agree with Jeepers that the Michelin LTX AT's are a good tire.
But I am not convinced that the Michelin LTX AT's are good for four wheeling.
I am looking in to getting a set of Dunlop Radial Rovers P-Metric's
Look at this link:


JeepersSkidplate, I've heard the Dunlops are good tires but (fyi) can be very LOUD on the road. Just what I heard, not experienced!
SkidplateJeepers, have you heard any thing on the Scorpion AT or the Geolandar AT+. How do they compare to the Dunlop Radial Rovers P-Metric's?
Thanks for the FYI.
I think I am leaning toward the Scorpion AT at least at this point..
JeepersSkidplate, I've heard only good things about the trail performance of the Scorpion AT's. They have an interesting "look" with those "bugs" on the sidewalls. I don't have personal knowledge about the other 2 tires, except what I posted before.

The type of tire you buy should depend on what you want from it. In my never to be humble opinion, I like the Michelins and the BFG's. LTX MS for mostly street use and LTX AT for the occassional off-road jaunts and/or better snow traction. They cost a few more bucks than the Yokos or the Pirellis, but you're likely to see more mileage and that pays off in dividends.

As far as noise, my A/T's have a slight hum at about 45 mph, but for an A/T tire they are very quiet (the M/S's are even quieter).

If you don't mind the noise and want better off-road traction, BFG AT KO's are a good choice - probably the "standard of comparison" out there. The "KO" is new this year and I think its supposed to have better on-road manners.

For serious off-road and mud traction, the BFG M/T's are great, and if you stay mostly off-road and don't mind waking the neighbors as you drive down the street, look at some Super Swampers (grossly oversized of course!).

Now that I'm off the soap box, I'll say the Pirellis or Yokos are probably fine tires. I thought about the Scorpion AT's for a minute (due to the price difference), but felt with my needs, I'd give up a little off-road traction for alot better mileage and a quieter ride with the Michelins. If I was spending more time on the trails, I'd have bought the BFG AT's and lived with the noise.

JonI have the Scorpion AT's. They are a great all around tire. For the money $90ea in Denver I think they are a good choice. The ATX M/S is a little more on-road and is about $110ea here.
neoThe best tire out on the market right now by
far is the Pirelli scorpion AT. It will let
your SUV outhandle some cars. This tire is excellent in the rain and outperforms any!
other light truck tire. Plus its extremely
quiet for an all terrain tire

SkidplateJust look at these stats.
DurangoGirlI have Radial Rovers on my '92 Jimmy, and plan on putting them on my 2000 Durango - which has Wranglers from the factory.

I have had no problems with noise or traction with the Rovers - the Wranglers are a bit noisy in my opinion.


I have Wrangler AT's on my truck but I don't recomend them. They are desent tires but I wouldn't put them above the BFG AT's. They are no better. But the price is to much for the tire. At least it was when I bought mine. Go another route.

lawdogAre the scorpion tires good for Explorer's too? I have a 97' limited edition that simply needs new tires (no exploding tires here). Could someone respond so I don't end up with tires that cost $200/each.
Jeeperslawdog - Good post in response to the Firestone issue and to those who seem to care more about their own agenda than the safety of others!

If you use your Explorer off road alot, the Scorpions are a decent choice. If you keep it mostly on the street, you will like the Michelin LTX M/S better. You will sacrifice some sand/mud/snow traction, but its quieter and will last much longer. It worth the extra few $ in my opinion!

JohnBI put a set of Goodyear Wrangler GSA tires on my 96 GMC Sonoma and bought them at NTB. I have gotten 57,000 miles out of them and can't wait to get rid of them. All but one had to be replaced at some point due to cupping in the tread. They do provide good traction in wet weather, but they are noisy. The original tires on my truck were Uniroyal Tiger Paw and they only lasted 26,000 miles. What a piece of junk! I am looking at Michelin or BF Goodrich for my next set.

98DDoes anyone have experience with the Pro Comp AT? It's got a severe weather rating and a 50,000 mile warranty.
nine11c2JohnB, you really didn't get 57,000 if you had to replace 3 of the 4 tires because the tread cupped...

[This message has been edited by nine11c2 (edited April 26, 2002).]

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