Topic:Need help! Avid H4, Comp T/A HR4, D60/A2, MXV4
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trevinI need to buy 4 new ALL-SEASON tires for my 91 CRX to replace some old Yokohama 376's.

I live in an area that gets a ton of rain (Vancouver, BC, Canada), and there about 2 weeks of snow on average. My car isn't driven too much in the snow, only when it's about 1" or less.

Therefore my main concern would be wet and snow performance, as I see that most tires will have dry performance that is adequate for almost all people (am I right in assuming this?).

I'm currently looking at in a 185/60R14 size:
-Dunlop D60/A2
-Yokohama Avid H4
-BF Goodrich Comp T/A HR4
-Michelin MXV4

I may be able to get a discount (something like 25% off) off of the Avid H4's from a friend of mine. But I don't car about the discount if the tires aren't worth the money.

The Dunlop D60A2's were given #1 in consumer reports, but after reading the entries in the autopedia, it seems that the real world drivers are torn on these tires. Some like em, others don't.

I haven't read too much on the Comp T/A's yet.

As for the Yoko Avid H4's, I have read a lot of positive comments about these tires in Dry/wet performance, but how about snow? i know these are directional tires, so that must give them an edge in the wet performance area.

As for the Michelin Energy MXv4, it seems as though people are torn on this tire too. People say their too expensive, too loud and don't perform that great. Others are saying these tires are the best, are worth the extra money and perform great.

Obviously I would favour the Avid H4's if I can get a discount on them, but if they aren't worth it, then forget em.

i'm open to ANY and ALL advice on the above tires and any other suggestions.

benWell, the test result form consumer Report:
Snow traction: Michelin MXV4 > Dunlop D60/A2 >Yoko's Avid H4. But according to BBS, people saying MXV4's snow track still not enough. Try Bridgestone RE930. If you can have a discount for yoko's. I would say yoko's AVS S4.
EdI do not think you can go wrong with either the Dunlops, Yokos, or BF Goodrich. I have had the Dunlop D60's and Michelin MXV4s on cars. I am getting a set of Yokos for another car based on input from Tirerack. The only tire I would not recommend is the Michelin MXV4. Had a set on my Volvo and they rode like stones. They are also bad in wet weather and terrible in snow. Highly overated and expensive tire. From what I read on the internet, I think the BF Goodrich tires are the best in snow.
glenrI just went through a tire buying episode here in Victoria & it came down to two brands; the Yokohama's and another brand (not one of the others you mentioned - it involved a warranty issue - another story)
Based on your 4 choices, I'd go with the Yokohama's despite their lower ranking in the snow, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue on the BC south coast. (unless your'e going to Whistler every weekend!)

I don't have that much faith in the Consumer Report tests (influenced my previous choice, which I regreted)

By the way, I bought the "other" brand for my Acura as the price was about $100 lower for the set of 4, however if the price differential was lower it would have swayed me over to the Yoko's

tmchowThanks for all the input guys, I'm probably going to go with the Yoko Avid H4's due to good things I've read. I haven't found a single "bad" review of these tires. For the other brands, however, there are mixed feelings out there.
jetget the avids best in the wet not great in snow , very hi quality construction

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