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T O P I C     R E V I E W
dgriswoldI'm looking for an Internet tire dealer that sells COOPER Discoverer Light Truck Tires.
Specifically, I need four 31x10.50R15LT tires for my '90 Isuzu 4x4. Not having much luck turning up tire dealers that ship on the web. Our only Cooper tire dealer, here in Sierra Vista, AZ, had their entire chain purchased [El Campo] by Goodyear. As you can guess, they no longer sell COOPER tires. The nearest COOPER tire dealer is about 85 miles distant in Tucson.

Doug Griswold
Sierra Vista, AZ

MilloAs far as I know, the tires that Pep Boys sell are made by Cooper. If you have a PB nearby, you can go and ask. Hope this help.


dgriswoldHi Millo - Interesting you mentioned Pep Boys. Yes we have a Pep Boys here in town, but no, I will never purchase a tire from them again. In my course of buying tires in this town [I've been here nearly 10 years now], I've had several a run-ins with them. I've gotten several stories from them -- that is, their tires are 'made' by Cooper. Their tires are 'made' by Goodyear, Goodrich, Uniroyal, Pirelli -- you name it. It just happens to be that 'their tires are made by' [at least to me] whatever comes first into the mind of the guy behind the parts counter. Every time I had a problem with a Pep Boys tire [and that was with about everyone I bought], I would say, "I never encountered this problem with X [fill in the X with whatever mfg you want]. The last time I said that, the store manager who was behind the counter said "Well, our tires are made by Cooper". You see my point?

I further pressed him to prove it, that is, I asked him what literature is available to explain to me that Cooper 'makes' their tires [and these were suppposedly Cooper tires, and two of four suffered sidewall aneuryisms]. He said he didn't have any 'specific' information in the store, but would be happy to 'fax it to me'. I provided him with my phone number, etc and NEVER rec'd any info. And I called him back THREE times. So it is my conclusion that if you want Cooper tires, buy Cooper tires, or Goodyear or whatever. Buying 4-FOR-$99 late on a Sunday afternoon because nobody else was open days are past for me.

And the thing about this is that I didn't realize Pep Boys was doing this. The manager of the local tire store where I now buy [or should I say bought] my Coopers clued me into that. He said some years back to raise the manufacturer issue with the store, and mention one of the tire brands, and the response you get is that their tires ARE made by whaterer tire mfgr you mention. I about fell down laughing when I saw he was right.

If this isn't TRUE for all Pep Boys, I apologize, but it occurred here in Sierra Vista, and when I went to two different stores in Tucson I got the same response [those times I was asking about tires].



MilloWell, thats good to know also. I am looking for 4 tires for my 4Runner and I just went around to see my options. I personally havent by any tires from them (Pep Boys) and I wouldnt. I personaly dont beleive on those strage brands arround. My choices are either Michelins of Bridgestone.


dgriswoldHi Millo. I can certainly see why we'd want to avoid the 'strange' brands. I'm sure some are good, but for me, it's like that old saying, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a good bet that IT'S A DUCK."

My 90 Isuzu 4x4 had Michelins on it when we bought the truck new on Oahu in November '89. While I never specifically have anything negative to say about the tires [I forget the specific tire 'model'], I can sure say they were expen$ive to replace, or at least one of them, after we moved to Sierra Vista in March of '90. Sometime soon after we got here I got a frantic call from my wife, saying she'd had a blowout not too far from home [in the rain, early morning no doubt]. I went to see what the problem was and found out that yes, one of the Michelins went flat, but on a cursory exam I couldn't find out why. I changed the tire for her and took the bad tire to a different dealer to have it repaired. After the guy pulled the tire from the rim, he said to me, "It looks like somebody set you up" as he pointed to a TOOL inside the tire. Yes, it was a gray utility knife INSIDE the tire. Well, as she was driving about 55mph when the flat occurred, I told him there was no way. What happened, I surmised, was that in the rain, she didn't see the utility knife in the road [apparently it had fallen from on of the numerous construction related vehicles on the road], and hit it in just such a way that it stood up and punched right through the tread and steel. My wife said that she felt a small bump and the tire went immediately flat [but not 'blow-out'].

Anyway, to make a lenghty story short, the cost to replace that tire [repair was not an option as the entry wound caused by the knife was nearly 4 inches long, dead in the middle of the tread] was nearly $150! And that was in 1990! There was NO road hazard or any other type of warranty, and this was on a vehicle that had, oh, 6,000 miles on it [it now has over 123,000 miles on it]. Those Michelins [sans new one] lasted about 36,000 miles.

After those tires wore out naturally, I decided to try a set of COOPER Discoverers, on the recommendation of a friend. I did some research into the company and found out some nice things, so I bought a set of 31x10.50R15LT's at a decent price. I immediately noticed a nicer 'hum' when driving down the highway [a more 'pleasant' sound] due to the different tread pattern. The tires provide great off-road traction [I do a lot of 4x4ing in the mountains around town here].

I replaced that set of Coopers at, oh, around 85,000+ miles, and currentely have about 123,500 on the current set, which will last me longer.

I get the tires rotated at 3,000 mile intervals [provided at no cost by my tire dealer] and keep the pressure adjusted properly. I'm trying for 50,000+ on theses as well. The kicker? I got the tires for around $80 each [which is pretty standard for that size, I suppose, but cheaper than those 1990 Michelins!].

Soon after I got the first Coopers for my truck, I put Coopers on my old Dodge Omni. I had that car about another year and traded it for a Dodge Shadow, which I replaced the tires on it at a year with wider Cooper Cobras. I remarried about 3 1/2 years ago, and my wife had a Honda Civic. Unfortunately, after we came home from shopping one last Sunday afternoon, I noticed one of the tires had gone pretty flat. Closer examination revealed the tires were in dire need of replacment, and I did so -- At PEP BOYS [there aren't many places open at like, 5 or 6 pm on Sunday evening]. And I bought a set of those "4-FOR-$99" things that you heard about in my prev. message.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I'm sold on Coopers, and if you get a chance, check them out on your 4Runner.

Happy Holidays!


edlightBack when the tire industry site would let anybody in I checked out who makes Pep Boys tires. I think it was Kelly Springfield. They were all made by one company, quite the opposite of Sears' tires. I think KS makes the Big O tires too. But my memory is a bit cloudy.
PaulGoing back to 1969 I went through all this crap that you young guys are having with tires.Read all the that was avalable at that time.Got screwed on Goodyears,Dunlops,Kellys,Coopers and the worst was Michalins.Got so pissed off at the B.S. from the Tire Companys.I now buy the cheapest tires I can find and have found them better than the Big Brands.All that is required is to read the information on the tire not the BULLSHIT FROM SALESMAN THAT ARE PUSHING THE TIRES THEY MAKE MORE MONEY ON.Just make sure the rating is A-traction A or B temp.The best tires that I ever had were CLASSICS IV 205 75R-14 A-trac- I could stop on a sheet of ice better than many cars on a wet or dry road.Payed $32 each in early eightys, had them on two cars for 5 yrs.When replacement time came I couldnt find them.I cried.Still looking for them.Beleve me there are better tires out there all you have to do is find them.
bonecut2Hi. I hope you've been able to find out more about the products Pep Boys has to offer. As I've seen from their commercials, they sell Futura brand tires. Futura tires are made by both Cooper and Dayton. Dayton is owned by (BFS) Bridgestone/Firestone, so their tires are made in the BFS factories. Anymore, there are only a handful of tire manufacturers. However, it seems there are countless different smaller tire brands available on the market. Thus, many smaller companies form contracts with one or more of the few tire manufacturers to produce their lesser known brands. A "Who Makes It And Where" tire directory contains list of all tire brands, who manufactures their tires, and company addresses. A way to get yourself a copy is by contacting Tire Guides, Inc. at We have a commercial and retail tire business, so we buy a new copy each year. As for the sales staff of Pep Boys, it is sad that they know so little of the products they carry. Here's Pep Boys' address if you haven't already contacted them. Pep Boys, 32nd & Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19132.
As for the overall quality of lesser known brands, they seem to equal that of their better-known counterparts as long as they are made in the same factory. As for 4 tires for $99, you get what you pay for. That wouldn't matter if it had Futura's name on the sidewall or Cooper's.
dgriswoldThanks for the info. I've written Pep Boys off and I'll only buy GENUINE Cooper tires


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