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BMW-GS - a topical mailing list for discussion of all facets of ownership and riding of BMW GS series dual-purpose motorcycles
BMWOA - BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
CMH-MOTO - Ohio Motorcycling Mailing List .
DC-Cycles - dc-cycles is an unmoderated email discussion list about motorcycling in the Washington D.C. area.
Doc Ride - A low volume mail list by Dr. Wong about his FREE motorcycle riding clinics. San Francisco area motorcyclists.
Euro-moto - European motorcycles.
GPNDG - Greater Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather.
Harley Email Digest
WOTI - Wings on the Internet is an international motorcycle touring association based entirely on the Internet.
Honda Hawk GT - HawkGT Resource Center
Honda VF/VFR
IBMWR Mailing List
Indian Digest Web Site
Kawasaki Concours
Kawasaki Vulcan Riders Owners Club
Euro Spares: Information and Archived Digests for My E-Mail Lists
Short Bikers
Suzuki RG500
SydRide - The SydRide list and SydRide-Chat list exist primarily to organise group rides in the Sydney or NSW region of Australia, and secondarily for anything else which seems pertinent to the area.
The List - A moderated distribution list made up in majority of bikers concerned with motorcyclists' rights, but also containing the names of other individuals who believe in individual freedoms.
Yamaha GTS-1000
TDM List's Home Page


Usenet Newsgroups


Classic Scooter Discussion Group
Dirt Bike Riding Discussion Group
Harley-Davidson Discussion Group
Motorcycle Discussion Group
Motorcycle Discussion Group - Australia
Motorcycle Discussion Group - CA
Motorcycle Discussion Group - Canada
Motorcycle Discussion Group - NE US
Motorcycle Discussion Group - TX
Motorcycle Racing Discussion Group
Scooter Discussion Group
Sport Bike Discussion Group